Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico. Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico.

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Our Firm differs from all law firms because of our specialty focus and capabilities, which allow us to provide our clients with the following benefits:

· Experience. We have dealt with hundreds of claims and lawsuits for debt collection, so due to the vast experience and exposure to success and failure cases, we are capable of providing clients with reliable advise as to the best strategies and remedies that should be implemented to avoid losses with their account receivables in Mexico.

· Research. We have conducted proprietary research that allows us to know first hand current business practices and credit terms used by companies in Mexico. By relying on this dependable fact-based information we are able to develop and recommend the best advice for these kinds of business policies.

· Flat Fees. Our service plans and flat fees make our legal services most affordable, and it gives certainty as to the specific investment needed to secure a transaction or to have a problem resolved.

· Specialists. Credit management and debt collections are our expertise and our only areas of practice. We are well prepared, we train ourselves everyday, and we have the needed flexible law firm structure to be the best and most reliable professionals in the area of credit & collections at the most reasonable cost.

· Memberships. We have a commitment with the Organizations we belong to and we are bound by their rules of procedure. That is why an ethical and transparent conduct from our Firm is guaranteed, as well as the highest level of professionalism.

· Wide Network. Our correspondent attorneys help us make direct and immediate contact with a debtor wherever he is in Mexico. This is an essential approach so that seriousness is given to the matter at hand, and so that we can immediately find out a debtor's situation. Prompt awareness will allow us to act faster and make better and timely decisions.

· Contingent Fees. Our contingent fee arrangements for debt collection services guarantee that we’ll only recommend and undertake a legal action when there’s a real possibility of succeeding. It will also assure that we’ll make the best effort possible to collect your money. We will charge fees only if we collect and until the recovery is made. If the client doesn’t win, we don’t win either.

· Expertise. Like a craftsman that makes fine art every day until perfection is reached, our expertise and sole dedication to litigation in the area of international commercial law gives us the capacity needed to be the most reliable Firm for legal debt collection. This assures our clients that every case filed on their behalf has the highest possibility of reaching a favorable result.

· Combined Knowledge. Our partnership with correspondent attorneys throughout the country results in unequal synergy by which their ability and knowledge about local customs and procedures is profited from and added to our in-house attorneys' experience and expertise on international commercial law.

· Project Management. Our unique system of managing cases (project management) makes our legal actions more predictable as to the timeframes, tasks, and resources needed to pursue a legal claim and drive a proceeding until its final conclusion in the shortest of time possible.

· Communication. Everyone would agree that communication is key for any business relationship to succeed. At HMH Legal, attorneys are fully bilingual in English and Spanish and are knowledgeable of the legal system here and abroad, with plenty of experience on international business transactions. We know your language and your business environment. Our communication channel is clear.

· Continuous Information. We are committed to providing full information to our clients about their cases and accounts, always and at all times with immediate updates with each progress, and with immediate response to each of our clients' inquiries. This is achieved with direct response and through our online status report on the HMH Legal website, where our clients can check their claims 24 hours a day 7 days a week.




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