Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico. Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico.

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Our credit management service plan is designed and directed for every small and medium foreign company that is thinking of or currently pursuing international credit sales in Mexico, but does not have a credit department or a sound credit and collections policy. Our service plan will help these companies minimize risk on their credit sales by reviewing, creating and implementing better credit and collections policies for their businesses. With our overall legal guidance and support, our clients will achieve the following:


1.       Reduce the risk of accounts turning uncollectible

2.       Get a higher score on your DSO (date sales outstanding)

3.       Improve your collection effectiveness index (CEI)

4.       Reduce your bad debt write-off percentage


·          Initial legal audit for international sales in Mexico

·          Review of credit and collections policies and specific advice for improvement on sales to Mexico

·          Drafting of credit manual for sales in Mexico

·          Review and creation of best terms and conditions of sale for specific business transactions

·          Creation and implementation of legal system for securing sales in Mexico on open credit terms

·          Quarterly review of proper implementation and use of legal system for sales in Mexico

·          Unlimited legal consultation by phone regarding Mexican Law or specific transactions in Mexico

·          Unlimited contract review regarding accounts in Mexico or Mexican Law issues

·          First debt collection letter per account with no collection fee

·          Reduced hourly fee for contract elaboration or other legal work

·          Reduced contingent rates for debt collection work

·          Reduced flat rates on elaboration and implementation of promissory notes

·          Reduced flat rates on credit reports and investigations


If you want to receive a quote and/or more detail information about our credit management service plan or its terms & conditions, please contact us immediately. You can also send us right away relevant information about your current business or credit policies for general transactions or for transactions overseas to provide you with a free legal audit and let you know what your current risk is on your specific credit sales to Mexico.

The specific services pointed out above can also be quoted and provided separately, according to your own specific needs.



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