Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico. Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico.

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Credit management and debt collection services in Mexico do not have to be an draining, unpleasant, or costly experience for creditors. Mexico’s legal system and commercial laws have evolved over the last few years to help prevent, or successfully resolve, the typical conflicts and disputes arising from modern business practices. To succeed in securing credit sales and in collecting your outstanding accounts in Mexico, you need the right partner to represent you truthfully and professionally.

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About HMH Legal, Credit and Collections

Because of the high demand for debt collection services and the great successes we've booked for our clients, HMH Legal sought to create a flexible Law firm structure that would serve as a credit and collections department for small and medium companies to provide even greater and more cost-effective results. Today, HMH Legal has been able to achieve this goal by casting a reliable team of lawyers, fully trained pre-legal collectors, and dependable correspondent attorneys throughout the country. We are a group of experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive litigation attorneys who are sensitive to the modern collection process and modern collection techniques, what makes us savvy collectors and capable advisors on credit management issues. This has resulted in the perfect organizational structure for:

  1. Placing an account receivable for collection in Mexico: all the qualities of a modern collection agency but ready to act in court immediately and with the best possibilities of a successful outcome.

  2. Getting sound advice on credit-management issues for sales in Mexico: a fully capable Law firm with a lot of experience on debt-collection cases that were the result of good and poor credit decisions.

What problems do we solve?

Some of the situations that have been identified as major threats and that we have helped our clients with are the following:

  1. Selling on credit. Not willing to make credit sales into Mexico, or doing so in the wrong way. Many companies are terrified of selling on credit into Mexico because of the high risk of seeing their receivables turn uncollectible. They firmly believe that, if a debtor in Mexico merely wishes to default, he can do so and get away with it without getting help from the legal system at forcing the debtor to pay. When selling companies assume this, they miss out on the opportunity to expand into new markets, and they forgo raising their sales and making higher profits - all to the benefit of their competitors. Know this: there is a safe way to sell in Mexico while minimizing the risk of loosing money. [more]

  2. Debt collection. Not willing to place an account for collection promptly. Many companies hold on to their overdue accounts far too long, in the hope of doing an effective collection effort on their own, finally getting paid without having to surrender their profit by paying a collection agency's fees. Often, these companies simply just don’t trust a collection agency to help them by being truthful and acting professionally, or that if a third party gets involved, the company's business relationship with their debtors will end, when there’s probably room for more business. What happens is that, by operating on these assumptions, accounts grow old, cash flow is severely reduced, and there is a dramatic increase in the possibility of the account turning uncollectible. Truthfully, there is no need to surrender that much profit when hiring a collection agency, and there are ways to ensure that you are choosing the one that can do the best collection job for you. [more]

  3. Litigation. Not willing to start legal action or hiring the wrong firm. Companies are sometimes skeptical of hiring a lawyer to pursue legal action in Mexico because they think they will only throw good money after bad. Often, it is believed that some lawyers will only care about initiating legal action to charge a fee, and will not even be concerned with a successful outcome or favorable result to the client. Based on this, companies simply decide to write off an account instead of starting litigation. If so, a company forecloses any possibility of collecting and immediately ends up with a loss, probably even discouraging the expansion steps taken to gain new markets. There should be no need for accepting this immediate loss since there are ways to reliably select and hire the best Law firm for your needs under the most favorable conditions that will give you peace of mind. [more]

What we do and how we help companies

HMH Legal is a Mexican Law firm that specializes and deals only with credit-management and debt-collection matters. We are the only Law firm in Mexico that specializes in the area of creditor-protection law, with a focus on international accounts. Our main goal is to help foreign companies avoid uncollectible receivables stemming from their credit sales in Mexico. This is achieved through our legal services in credit management to minimize risks, as well as our debt collection and litigation services to recover money for our clients. Once our services are retained, HMH Legal will help you achieve the following:

  1. To reduce the risk of credit sales in Mexico turning uncollectible by designing and implementing an easy and reliable system of sales with appropriate simple forms and contracts.

  2. To have the most reliable collection agency that will guarantee the best chance of collecting your money at the most reasonable cost.

  3. To have a professional and reliable team of lawyers that will only recommend and initiate sound legal actions that carry real possibilities of successful outcomes.

Companies we serve and transactions we handle

HMH Legal is a unique Law firm in Mexico that serves as the credit and collections department for small and medium foreign companies pursuing credit sales in Mexico. Our client list and representative cases include creditor companies from most industries located in Europe, Asia, America, etc. Transactions that our firm helps to secure or collect range from USD 1,000 to 10 million. [more]

What can you expect from HMH legal?

Anytime a client hires us, he can be confident that he will have the most reliable team to help him avoid losses on his credit sales (receivables) in Mexico. You can be sure that all the legal work that comes from this firm will be of the highest most professional level - we even guarantee it.

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Our Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to help companies avoid uncollectible receivables on their credit sales to Mexico. This is achieved through our legal guidance in credit management to minimize risks, as well as our debt-collection and litigation services.

Our VISION is to be recognized as the most reliable firm in Mexico for credit and collection services. This vision is achieved based on our firm’s strong VALUES:

  • HMH Legal exists to bring RESULTS to our clients based on sound strategies.

  • Our EXPERTISE in credit & collections will be our main strength to be competitive and successful.

  • Our competitiveness in the area of creditor-protection law, results-orientation, and customer service will make us the most RELIABLE firm in Mexico for credit and collection services.


How Does HMH Legal Differ?

Our firm differs from all law firms because of our specialty focus and our capabilities, which allow us to provide our clients with many benefits, including proven successful and reliable legal advice arising from our wide experience in debt collections and our proprietary research; flexible and affordable fees thanks to our unique structure and different fee arrangements; guaranteed ethical conduct and quality service; country-wide coverage and strong partnerships with local attorneys for strategic advantage and better results at reduced costs; and the necessary expertise and focus in one area of law for success assurance. [more

Why Choose HMH Legal?

If you are a foreign company that is currently pursuing credit sales or debt collection in Mexico, it is essential that expert advice be sought from a Mexican lawyer who specializes in credit and debt collection matters, with experience and expertise in international commercial law. For these kinds of matters, it is simply not enough to have a good but one-dimensional lawyer on your side (either a US lawyer with no exposure or dominant knowledge of Mexican law, or a Mexican lawyer who lacks the capabilities needed to effectively handle international commercial matters). It’s even worse to have a "general practitioner," even a good one. The fact is, you need a specialist with a proven track record to get the most RELIABLE advice and legal representation.

At HMH Legal, we firmly believe, and have clearly proven, that we have the capabilities needed to effectively handle international commercial matters, which in turn makes us the most RELIABLE source for credit management and debt collection relating to international transactions. We are the only Law firm in Mexico exclusively devoted to these kinds of matters. We have so much confidence in the capabilities of our team and in the quality of our services, that we even provide a money-back satisfaction guarantee on every service.

You are invited to look through our Web site for useful free resources and information, and to contact us with any question or comment, for a free consultation, or to take advantage of our free legal audit for selling goods into Mexico. You can also visit our FAQ’s section if you have inquiries regarding the sale of goods in Mexico, or the process of debt collection and litigation in Mexico.

We hope you'll give us the opportunity to help you, and we look forward to a trustworthy relationship between us.


Sincerely yours,



Romelio Hernández
HMH Legal
Credit & Collections

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